Mind Controlling Energy

Updated: Jan 13

Here is some food for thought; The Earth is a mind and she does things effortlessly. She is a world made up of energy. She uses her mind to create and give back. When treated well, she bears fruits and vegetables, life. When treated wrong the living things will start to die, shrivel up, and return to dust. Just like Mother Earth we are made up of energy also. If you put your hand under the right microscope you will see nothing but layers of molecules and atoms molded around your hand showing you the moving energy you are. We as humans have a mind of our own and we have the ability to attract what we think. Whatever we think today dictates our future. Our thoughts and actions from the past are just a residual; we should focus on the present thought which should be getting better. Our minds should be on a level to where we can manipulate how we attract the things we want. We have to visualize and feel that feeling we would have if we were present in the moment. If you go there in the mind you will go there in the body. We can master our thoughts and feelings to become deliberate creators of our lives. Remember we were born to add value to the world and it all starts with a thought followed by the actions you visualize, see yourself with the good that you desire.

Keep a free mind and keep the free-hype.


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