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Updated: Jan 13

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We have to shift our mindset from the CONSUMER to the PRODUCER

Becoming a PRODUCER is about unlocking your mind from the consumer driven state that most Americans are stuck in. When you earn money, why not invest it? Instead of putting it right back into the economy; use your money to make more money. Most Americans are conditioned to spend their money once they get it. This is through the marketing of millions of products at malls, on TV, online, shopping centers etc. Buying nice things is fine but you have to think, can I put my hard earned dollar to better use?

Once you have unplugged yourself from the consumer mind state you will now think like a PRODUCER. As young thinkers we should always be wondering what service or knowledge can I provide someone else, in order to get their money? That is our goal, to make a profit by giving people a service they cannot resist.

Finding your niche or call to order may be easier than you suspect. In most cases people find ways to make money through their passions or hobbies. Maybe you like fashion, shoes, jewelry or cars? Whatever it is that catches your interest, you should always think of ways you can personally improve that industry. That is how new products and services arise. If no one ever went against the grain we would still have the same products from years ago. So in your quest for purpose as a producer I advise you to construct a vision board. On it your thoughts should be limitless! Think of all your interests and hobbies. Think of better ways to do them. Or develop a new method all together. Whatever it may be channel your energy, and never limit your thinking!

Necessities of life

  • Food and Water

  • Pleasure

  • Safety and Security

  • Family needs

  • Self Actualization and Social status

With all this being said what do you want to provide?

- Malcolm Mallory

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