#MerryMondays: Dayton's Youth Are The Key to the City's Re-emergence

Updated: Jan 13

via Jet

The Youth are key to any social problem. Adults often think they “know” better than the youth because they are have seen and experienced more life. However, this is the very reason it is vital to listen to the youth. They express their feelings and problems without a worry of consequences. Many don’t know or care what will happen to them if they don’t go to find their purpose in life, they only know the right now. The problem occurs when adults try to force their line of reasoning on the kids without honestly listening with an open ear to hear what the youth need. If a kid steals, he’s telling you with his actions that this thing (whatever he stole) is worth the risk of going to jail at that moment. If a kid is showing out in class, he’s letting you know that "gaining this attention is more important than me learning right now." And if you listen with an open ear, you won’t dismiss them as a misfits but look to find out the root of the problem.

The Youth have a unique perspective on the world's problems, and more importantly the solutions to those problems; because they don't quite understand how money, the system, or this matrix we live in works yet. Therefore, their solutions are often fresh and many of the times just need to be sharpened up by a wiser person, not told "that idea is too crazy too work."

With the surge of the internet, youth all over are continuously being inspired to use their creativity. It’s our duty as adults to inform each other on how to use this technology to spark new ideas, and most importantly, help these ideas materialize. FreeHype will continue to provide content that intertwines the worlds of the young and old until you can’t tell the difference. #staytuned

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