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We already introduced you to the king of snapchat, DJ Khaled. Now FreeHype would like to introduce a new weekly award, Snapper of the Week. In this segment we want to highlight friends, celebrities, and family whose Snapchat is definitely worth viewing throughout your work, school, and bummy days.

The first award goes to Robert Okwara aka OG_Hero. OG Hero is a brother of ours from Raleigh, North Carolina who attended Thee Alabama State University. He is known for his Whyl antics and always having his ear to the streets, keeping his followers up to date on the hottest music, news, keys to life, and sports at every level of the game. Some of his followers call him the Super Saiyan (that's a Dragonball Z reference for you young cats) god of hip hop. On any occasion, you may catch him loving on some Lil Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies or Hibachi 88 or messing with his little brother.

Follow him to stay in tune with all the possible foolery that goes down in Rough Raleigh! Rob will keep you laughing with his spontaneous stories and keys to life.

Snapchat: OG_Hero

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