#FamilyFridays: Justin Favors and Tiana Auster

This week's #FamilyFridays goes out to another good friend of mine, Justin Favors (Jay Fave, Fav Haze). Justin is another graduate of Trotwood-Madison High School, Dayton native, who is a soon to be graduate of Kentucky State University in the field of Athletic Training (He also played football for two years here). His better half, Tiana Auster, is currently working as a CNA to support their child. The couple have been together since 2012 and currently have a wonderful son, Justin Jr., that is a fresh 3 months old.

Jay Fave also has a real smooth melody on the mic! Check him out right here.

With a loving personality like Justin's, I know Justin Jr. is in great hands! Check out the family portait and send love and positive vibes to the family this Friday!

#FamilyFridays #Love #Peace


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