#TBT: Brothas In Tiffin

Ah, the great series that never was. Brothas in Tiffin was a series based on 6 African American college student-athletes trying to survive at PWI (Predominately White Institution), in rural Tiffin, Ohio. We developed the biggest love-hate relationship with this place. We loved the people, how quiet it could be at times, and the fun times that we created out of nothing (LITERALLY). But we couldn't stand how backwards things worked there; everything from the social life to the culture of the campus. We decided to begin filming our experiences through the cafeteria to show the world how sick we were living (by college means).

pictured from left to right (Snork, Not Nev, Frank, Stacks, Seephus, and Lil T)

The 6 brothas were Stacks (Derrick Stark), Seephus (Joe Lofton), Tev Not Nev (Tevin Bradley), Snork (Bryon McCorkle), Lil T (Tauren Nicholson), & Frank (me, Sean Freeman). We had many other close friends at Tiffin, but Team Sloppy (our squad), was the core. The series came to an end after our sophomore year when Stacks and I transferred to different schools (Western Kentucky University & Alabama State University). 5 of us graduated from college and one is finishing up soon. We still keep in touch fairly often and keep trying to progress build on the bond we created in school.

Check out the footage from our series "Brothas in Tiffin" below:

Brothas in Tiffin

Brothas in TIffin pt. 2

Brothas in Tiffin pt.3

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