FreeHype Book Review: The Seat of the Soul

Updated: Jan 13

With a Preface from Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey, this one doesn't need too much more cosigning. This book is real life my bible. I've told everyone close to me how much it means to me and what it's done for my life. The Seat of the Soul explores the different components that a soul needs to be complete. The book challenges you to change your thought patterns, behaviors, and habits to live a cleaner and lighter life. I can honestly say that this book has eliminated a lot of previous questions that I had about life, God, and how this world works. It actually allowed me to read the Bible with a clearer understanding. I won't get too deep into it, I'll just tell you that I've had 4 friends grab this book off the strength of seeing the difference in how I move in life, in direct correlation to practicing the principles taught in The Seat of the Soul.

Why I picked it up: In Jay-Z's book "Decoded," he said that this book brought a connection between him and Oprah. (Need I say more?)

Recommend to: EVERYONE. Anyone who cares about the well being of your soul should pick this up.

Listen to the author, Gary Zukav, and Oprah speak on The Power of Intention and grab your copy today!

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