NBA Approves Marketing Company Logos on Jerseys. Bad or Smart Move for the NBA??


Just last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the NBA will be selling sponsorships during 2017-2018 season, becoming the first major sport in the United State to put logos on player uniforms. This three year trial was approved last Friday and will go into effect once the league’s Nike contract begins. The logo will appear on the front left of the jersey opposite of the Nike logo. Adam Silver believes that the league has been headed this direction for some time now and sees this opportunity as a additional revenue generator.

By Hannah Foslien, Getty Image

Putting ads on jerseys is not a good idea for the NBA, I can picture the WNBA all over again with this idea. I can already envision, Home Depot, Target and K mart logos ruining the authenticity of the NBA jerseys. The game was not built on sponsorships and even though it will be an additional stream of revenue for the league they should avoid this. The NBA is already a billion dollar industry and offering logos for an addition 150 million in revenue is not worth it. You can sense that the commissioner is thinking of innovate ways to push the league forward but this should not be one of them.

Branding to this degree is sickening because we're already filled with advertising while watching the game, on every NBA site, heck even on the court itself. So for the NBA to go as far as using players for branding is pretty bizarre to me. I may be overreacting, but what do you think? Sound off in the comment section below.

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