Dying of Thirst

Updated: Jan 13

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We kill ourselves mentally and physically. These two dimensions are worlds apart, but simultaneously co-mingle with each other to make up what we perceive to be reality. Physically we change our hair, take showers, play sports, dance, eat delicious foods, to develop the perception of our current reality. Mentally we think, interpret, develop, restructure, reconfigure, constitute, and understand the world for the perception of our current reality.

As a black person I have physically seen individuals change their hair , take showers, play sports, dance, eat , have sex as well as numerous other physical exercises for the arousal of others . As a black person i have mentally observed people thinking, interpreting, developing, restructuring, re configuring, and understanding their reality for the arousal of others. As black people we have the most famine, the most deprived, and the most talked about people on earth because we often look at others mentally and physically to see how we should shape our reality. When we look at other people, races, or cultures for approval we rid ourselves of our own individual potential. When someone’s potential is dictated by others it innately cannot do what it was destined for. Your mind is so powerful that it can attract what it wants, so if one’s mind is dictated (controlled) by others thoughts it cannot think for itself which destroys the individuality of that person. I want you the reader to indulge in your own individuality because i believe in everyone's potential, which is limitless when used correctly. In conclusion develop your own thoughts through new information and embrace your individuality.

As I drink from the fountain of truth my peers receive pieces of the pie. They need better water. I’m vindictive inside my brain but outside i feel like father cuz my father don’t understand that hoes, sleezes, and sluts are still daughters that need fathers. He’s dying from it. She’s dying from it. I’m running, I guess I’m lying, no just trying to be a better black man, than sambo call me uncle tom in a cabin. So give me sugar to make life sweet I swear this water is all I need.

- Michael Cubit

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