#MerryMondays: Let Go and Let God

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You ever notice how once you buy a new car you start to see it everywhere? You notice the different colors of that same car, older, or newer models. The brain is controlled by the subconscious mind. When your brain is idle (not filled with thoughts you have created), it pulls from anything in your memory banks, mainly those thoughts mixed with emotion or desire. Negativity has a way of inflicting emotion which is how we can easily be consumed by everything going wrong in the world, instead of being reminded of the good. The old saying "an idle mind is the devils playground" stands true if you don't fill it with the positive thoughts. You are always thinking of that new car because it's fresh on your mind, you really "love" it, and feel very attached to it. The same can be applied with positive thoughts. If you fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, that's all you will begin to see. It will allow you to see the full perspective on all outcomes. Begin practicing this and you will understand the phrase "everything happens for a reason" on another level, to the point where you're not questioning your circumstances or others situations as much, and truly begin to take control of your life. Now is the right time to start.

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