#MerryMondays: What's Fueling Your Spiritual Gas Tank?

Updated: Jan 13

Would you ever try using jet fuel to fill the tank in your car? Then how could God give you the blessings you aren't ready for? After all, we are vehicles/instruments through which God uses us. In order to accomplish our biggest dreams there's a certain amount of fuel you need. The fuel of your dreams contains courage, persistence, faith, patience, hard work, self-confidence, self-love, and prayer. If you only use 3/8, you will have unleaded 87 gas, 6/8 diesel, but if you so dare to go 8/8, you'll receive that jet fuel that'll allow you move faster than you'd ever imagine. You will gradually see situations starting to work in your favor like never before.

All the fuel you'll ever need you have right now, it's on you to turn the vehicle on and use it. Make sure you're ready to put in the work for the blessings you ask for and be certain to notice the signs of them around you. Malcolm Gladwell states that it takes 10,000 hours for a person to be ready to tap into their highest level of mastery. Pray for the strength to handle the difficulties and overcome those roadblocks in your life, not for them to go away. Before you ask for that jet fuel, be ready to fly at that speed.

With Love,

Kris Kringle

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