FreeHype Book Review: Decoded by Jay-Z

Updated: Jan 13

This one was such an enjoyable, easy read, I often tend to forget that this book started it all. Another book gifted to me from sister, Decoded is the one that sparked my interest in reading again. I think for a lot of us reading starts to become a hassle as we get bombarded with school work, things we have to read for a job or career, and some of us just don't see the pleasure in reading a good book. It wasn't until last summer when I found the real value in reading...again.

During my job at a call center, I figured reading would be a good way to past time. And why not start with the book by one of my favorite artists and all time favorite business minds. Before I opened Decoded, I only heard about it a being a book where Jay-Z broke down the lyrics from his favorite/most popular songs. I didn't know it was more so a biography, with the breakdowns to the lyrics being intermissions. As I began to read, I instantly noticed that I began to hear his voice in my head, as if he were reading it to me. Hov wrote Decoded in a way that captured all his verbiage , persona, charisma, which made it very easy to read. I became zoned into reading the book as if it I were binge watching a Netflix series. He goes in depth about his childhood, how he survived the crack & rap game, as well as how he maneuvered through business world and explaining the life that he's currently living.

As I came towards the very end of the book, I found a huge hidden gem. Jay-Z mentioned that "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav brought him & Oprah a closer relationship and opened her eyes to realizing that he was way more than just a rapper. I figured any book that could bring a pair like that together must be something special (and it was). If you haven't already, check out my take on "The Seat of the Soul" here.

Favorite Bar(s): "I compared Osama Bin Laden to Ronald Reagan in their indifference to the destruction each of them brought to the city I lived in."

Why I picked it up: Another gift by my sister Nikia. #ThanksSis

Recommend to: Everyone! It's a stimulating and interesting read for teenagers who want to take a break from the school reads. Any Jay-Z, fan of music, or any adult who would like to better understand the hip hop culture ( which is beginning to run the world).

Ages 13+

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