5 Female Artists You Can Listen to Other Beyonce (Yes, they do exist)

Updated: Jan 13

Beyonce has a fan base, the BeyHive, that is arguably the largest of this generation. With social media at the peak of it's existence, Beyonce's fans are known to hold the queen down when anyone speaks against her. HOWEVER, it has led to many of her fans to forget that there's a world outside of Beyonce, that also includes other female artists (any artists really).

That's why I decided to make a list of 5 dope female artists other than the Queen. These ladies each have a fresh & diverse style. So now we won't act as if they don't exist. (No, Nicki Minaj & Rihanna don't count).

1. SZA

TDE's first female artist, SZA, is a must to know if you aren't hip already. Listen to a track from her last album, Z, which features the one of America's hottest hip-hop artists right now, Chance The Rapper.

2. Abra

Abra is probably who I listen to most on this list, mainly due to her diverse sound. She hits every melody right on spot, no matter if the beat is R&B, Electric, or Techno. She aslo reigns as Awful Records first lady. (S/O my guy Stacks for the find).

3. NAO

One of my favorite hidden gems to listen to is NAO. She finds a way to continuously hit the right vocals over a totally new sound. Check out her hit single, Bad Blood, that's featured in Apple Music's recent commercial here:

4. Ari Lennox

Adding to the list we have Ari Lennox, Dreamville's first lady. Ari has a crazy vocab and stretches words with tones that always sounds fresh & pleasing to the ears. Get familiar with one of her first tracks featuring J Dilla entitled, Cascade:

5. Lianne La Haves

As if getting a phone call from Prince personally isn't enough, Lianne has nearly 5 million followers on soundcloud. I mean, it's wild to believe there's so many people who haven't heard her music yet.... What? You're one of em!? Well bless your ears here:

Other dope female artists that you can check include: Solange, Kali Ulchis, Keela, Lion Babe, just to name a few.

Also, for those looking for dope female rap artists, check out Rhapsody, Dej Loaf & Kamiyah.

This was just a brief list, sound off in the comments for anybody you rock with heavy that you think I missed.

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