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They tell you to stay in touch with your old friends from college because they'll be very beneficial to you as you get older. I'm glad I had the opportunity to stay to my Dayton brethren, Sheldon James, from Tiffin University. This #937 product started his photography biz just last month, but Sheldon's work is far from amateur status.

"Legends and Legacy" via

"An adult prom to support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society" via

From weddings, to cookouts, to photo shoots for clothing brands & small companies, Mr. James has been putting in the footwork to stamp his presence in the photography game. Shledon believes in telling a story with his photos & truly catering to the customer's needs.

"Fatherhood is Power: 1st Annual Father-Que" via

"Kreative Kings by Samarie Walker" via

"Lemonade by Beyoncé inspired" via

"It's personal, that is always my Intention with a shoot...I'm not just taking pictures." says James speaking on the message behind his photos. "It's myself and that individual or family and how we've come to that point and that moment" James elablorates.

"Buckner's Cleaning & Restoration" via

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Check out Sheldon's official website & book him today by clicking the link below:

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