​Big KRIT Makes Huge Statement With #12for12

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Since banging "Country Sh*t" in 2010 on the way to play football at Tiffin University, I've been a cult fan of Big K.R.I.T. The Mississippi representer shows he can rip the "mainstream" beats as well as the best of em. From Drake's 4pm in Cabalas & Hype to "Lockjaw", "SKRT SKRT", & "Wicked, Wicked".

I think Krizzle made it very apparent that he's one of the most versatile in the game & flexes his lyrics to let it be known he's a problem in the rap game. Not to mention the cover art for each track was fire, referencing old sports great donning the number 12. Feel free to stream the mixtape, (#12for12) below & check out some bars from my favorite track "Other Side of the Game":

Favorite Verse: "Don't be late for the vibin', check your time and

We all got a lane of our own, watch we drivin'

Every pool ain't meant for divin'

Every groove ain't meant for slidin'

Don't confuse hustlin' with survivin'Life is far from a game with quick revivin'

Only mothers cryin' over kids dyin'

While they tryin' to make a livin'In a world of bill collectors forever billin'

While the rest want a better lifeLookin' at the ceilin' as the fan blow

Man, this sheetrock ain't appealin', uh"

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