Dj Khaled "Major Key" Album Review (First Listen)

First off, if you think I'm gassing, read this. Now that we have that out the way, can you imagine if he didn't drop singles to prepare the world for this greatness? Let's get into it.

I Got The Keys (ft Jay Z & Future)

You wouldn't have spazzed listening to Hov snap on "I Got The Keys" for the first time to pop off the album! That's like putting Usain Bolt 1st on the relay, you gotta have some HEAT running after him in order to win the race. Not to mention Future bringing that crazy energy on the chorus!

"Real life I'm like HOV. Real life I'm life goals. In real life they're like me? In real life I'm like, "No." - THE GOAT

For Free (ft. Drake)

& then we get blessed to hear Drizzy talk that player talk on "For Free" directly afterwards in the midst of their beef?! Stop it. This is easily one of my favorite tracks off the album, real great light vibes on this one.

"You know that you make your own mind up. You knew what it was when you signed up"

- Drizzy

Nas Album Done- (ft. Nas) Beyond that , he continues to allow Nas to kirk like it's 96' over a cold Lauryn Hill sample. He asks fellow artists to step up in supporting black owned businesses and taking back our communities. Nas is a brand ambassador of Bevel, a line of shaving products for men of color. He also runs his own clothing brand HSTRY, and record label/magazine, Mass Appeal.

"To all my go supporters, go support us. Like a local black-owned grocery store. Cause in the hood sh*t ain't passed down through blood. It's a dub on that. We get government aid. Spend it at they stores, puttin' they kids through college. We need balance, so we can lease and own Ds in our projects. So I'm askin' Gs to go in their pockets. The racial economic inequality, let's try to solve it" - Nasir.

Holy Key (ft. Big Sean, Betty Wright, Kendrick Lamar)

Transitioning into Holy Key!! Where Big Sean held his own as always and snapped, as Betty Wright lights the track on fire with her soulful singing (Khaled's "Holy Key" echo layered behind her is perfectly placed). No need to go into detail about what K. Dot did, does "Control" ring a bell?

"I don't wear crosses no more, Yeshua's coming back I ain't scared of losses no more, I see life in that" - King Kendrick

Jermaine's Interlude (ft. J. Cole)

Anytime I hear from the big homie Cole I feel more enlightened cause it's like he's rapping directly to me & anyone like minded. He shreds the soulful beat by giving an honest perspective of what's going on in our lives, society, really connects for me. It sounds like a piggyback off "Hell's Kitchen", which is alwasy in rotation. Check out Khaled's "They Ready" ft. J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T, & Kendrick on Suffering From Success. (S/O to Earth Gang on the hook).

"Cause all them stories you told on records worth more than gold And if you never go gold again, at least you will know The end of your road was chose by you and not companies Who control our remote control and hide the truth on my nole" - Cole World

Ima Be Alright (ft. Bryson Tiller & Future)

We then shift the tempo up to a still mellow yet upbeat club banger from Tiller & Hendrix. First time we heard Tiller since TrapSoul & certainly the first time we heard these two together. Let's hope it isn't the last!

"They want us broke, so you know what we gonna do? We gonna become billionaires. From now on when you see me, call me Billy. I'ma be alright, I'ma be just fine." - Khaled

Do You Mind (f.t Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Rick Ross, & Future)

Sampling Usher's "Lovers & Friends" makes me a fan instantly. Not to mention he linked Nicki, Chris Breezy, August, Jeremih, Ross & Hendrix.... one track! Not a remix, the first version! Definitely a skate jam & I'm sure the young world is gonna love it.

"Seeing two G-wagons in my driveway FaceTime, two black bottles by my fireplace" - Rozay

Pick These Hoes Apart- (ft. Kodak Black, Young Jeezy, & French Montana)

At this point, I can see Khaled setting this album up for perfection. He allows Kodak to kill the hook off bat, Jeezy & Montana's verses add that real rap that most cats 21+ want to

hear. I love French's flow on this joint.

"Love 'em with your mind and never with your heart"- Tha Snowman

F*ck Up The Club- (ft. Rick Ross, Future, YG, & Yo Gotti)

By the title you knew this was gonna be a club banger, but how? Listen to the keys that come in after Ross's verse, they set the tone for YG to come in & give off his emphatic energy. Gotti has been on a roll as of late and he solidified it with a light but tight verse. Oh yeah, Future did what Hendrix does on the hook.

"Bellas at Wimbledon, hell of a gentleman There is no bigger boss, sip slow, then send em in" - Renzel

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Work For It- (ft. Big Sean, Gucci Mane, & 2 Chainz)

Anytime you hear that "Metro Boomin want some more negus", you know it's about to be a banger. Big Sean proceeds to spark the song off with a fire verse, AS USUAL. We also get another Usher reference from "You Make Me Wanna" It wouldn't be right if Guwop didn't bless the track right? & Tity Boy hasn't missed on a feature since he came out in my opinion. Another easy club rocker. Peep the hollow tone in the back from Drake's Pop Style if you didn't the first play.

"Money stalking me, its like the money talk to me So if you ain't talking 'bout money then don't talk to me (shh)" - LaFLare

Don't Play Yourself- (ft. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Kent Jones)

Jadakiss + this beat equals a real grimy vibe. By the features I see he's going straight for necks, Fab bars>, Joey Crack bars>, BUSTA BUST>>. Khaled obviously wanted this to be Kent Jones coming out party. He slow burned "Don't Mind" on snapchat for months, we had no mixtapes on him, so when I heard him spit bars on this one, I'm thoroughly surprised! Khaled hasn't told any lies thus far.

"I build a ship just to survive my own flood, I feel like Noah Cause all he had was little rocks, an ark, that's all Road to riches, I'm still in gear while you park your car" - Jones

Tourist- (ft. Travi$ Scott & Lil Wayne)

Khaled definitely wanted Travi$' trademark flavor for the beat, great back to school feels. I think this one will catch on to the radio later in the year. Wayne continues his streak of fire verses. Nice pre-game track to set it off.

"Wayne's world, party time, excellent She might be a tourist and terrorist A Hell's Angel actin' like she heaven sent, Lord" - Weezy

Forgive Me Father (ft. Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa & Wale) We then receive a lighter, yet deeper message track. A nice feel good mix of artists, made me a fan of Meghan Trainor, and great to see the young OGs Wiz & Folarin link up again. A perfect "pick me up" record.

"Don't even look back on it You ready for change, better act on it They look up to you so don't slack on it It's a blessing, you know that you're talented Some people don't know what their talent is What's sad is they don't know what balance is" - Khalifa Man

Progress- (ft. Mavado)

big chuneKhaled stays true to his ritual of having Mavado on every one of his albums. I love the fact that he ended it with the big chune vibes. Now knowing his Jamaican roots, it makes this track make a lot of sense to me. Great way to end this masterpiece.

"Man fi go through life without no stress Be friends wid some people that’s hopeless" - Mavado

After listening to the album, I gained a better understanding for what Khaled was hearing when he was geeking in the studio, or threatening to "Let one go". The King of Anthems, has done it again. The vibes he provides for artists to let loose, be themselves, assisted him in successfully producing what will be one of the best albums of the year. Purchase or stream "Major Key" on Apple Music.

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