Is How We Perceive Each Other Preventing Us From Glowing?

Updated: Jan 13

As I sit here writing a paper on financial literacy in the African-American community, listening to a gentleman who trades stocks in his spare time rap about not chasing women, I had an epiphany.

via Dwight "Judah" Ward

Bruh. We really dislike each other over a lie, cause we don’t hate each other frfr. That’s a lie and y’all know it. Ya’ll know the folks who truly hate themselves, and the ones that truly love themselves way too much), and it’s preventing us from glowing.

Like glowing bruh. I’m reading this article by Dolan, Peasgood, and White (2008, check the cites. #FactsOnly) and it’s basically saying that being impoverished reduces your happiness, or Subjective Well Being. (Seligman. Once again, #FactsOnly) Now us as Black/African folk understand things from multiple levels, and I feel like y’all will feel me when I say this: The ideas behind racism are tired. So why do we still buy into them? When I say buy I mean in a thought-to-action context more so than a money/finance context. According to this past year’s Nielsen report on Black Folk, we consume more media than the general population. We also been stacking mad paper; there has been a 138% increase in households pulling down 200k between 2005-2013 and getting mad educated. Inferiority? #BihWhere. Every time I turn on the radio somebody talkin’ bout being a boss. So where the bread at? Because apparently it’s still people out here without jobs. It’s still people out here rapping about being hungry. Cue: Mos Def, Mathematics. How hard would it actually be in the day and age of social media to keep each other lit to the situation as it relates to other Black Folk who need help financially? Apparently not hard; some folk at Hampton got me hip to some knowledge.#GreenwoodTulsa or nah? Me personally, I don’t think Black People ever truly “lose.” We take L’s, but we Don’t Quit, because boy. If THIS ain’t been a uphill trudge. We learn from them L’s though. Fast. Think about how old America is. Think about how long we were slaves.

Think about Juneteenth. Think about when Kool Herc got here from Jamaica. Big Bro Marcus had to have sent him joe, lol it’s too coincidental. Think about how Dubai just seemed to “pop” up overnight.

Now think about how lit we are right now bruh.

Gucci outta jail, and we got a lotta guwap: 1.1tril, and that’s just in the US. Shoutout dey Naija, we need to get up with them. I heard them, the Zoes, and them yard bwoys link heavy with us. Now I know we can find some managers for this jawn. Great Britain can’t even manage its own money, but Black Folk swear they broke. I feel like somebody on the HBCU Wall Street might find that highly ironic. Ya’ll better get hip with the Swiss. They know some ish bout big boy money.

Even at the individual level, all it takes is a lil mathematics to learn the basics of the finance game. For example, there are roughly 20 African-American research institutions for every developing/strong African country; that’s simple long division. (Lusardi, Annamaria (2012) "Numeracy, Financial Literacy, and Financial Decision-Making," Numeracy: Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 2. Clearly I aint tryna plagiarize.) Go ask your Muva for 3 dollars and six dimes, she might lend it to you. Speaking of Muvas, S/O the Womanist movement. Y’all been serving the World for eons. THEY can’t stop you. (Ask DJ Khaled who they is, cause I still don’t know lol) Anything we touch as Black Millienials right now goes viral, AND we got BANKS. On the phone. What a time to be alive. One United know what the yams is. Ah ah! Ohu oba, go dey chop oooooo. Plus, do we really need brick and mortar to shop Black? I know a couple folks on Insta that would disagree. would be one of them. Man look. All I know is, when I broke the kola nut back in the day, everybody got a piece, and it’s too much money out here for everybody to be hungry. So I’m just sharing knowledge as I see fit. #BeseSakaMindset. One of my classmates took a chance on himself after he realized he was fly in his caterpillar stages, and now he’s painting his colors across the world in the name of his prodigy. #FamilyinContextMatters #MyMansIsBlessed From where I’m sitting and the way I see it, We all Lil Somebody from Somethiney9th. So let’s sail across the waters, and tell our Sons and Daughters What the Struggle BRINGS, and not JUST what it costs. Cause even Bill Gates would be broke if he focused on how much money he spent tryna impress others, and not the money he made expressing himself. I’m just tryna be offset with my risk and reward. #YouReapWhatYouSow -mynamesuperlong

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