How to Unlock The "Wiggle Stick" on Madden

Updated: Jan 13

The "Wiggle Stick" was created in 2011 due to an array of a** whoopings I was taking to my former teammate/roommate/brother in college. He had Georgia, I had LSU. Every single time I ran the ball, caught the ball, touched the ball, he was hit smacking the hell out of my guys. Understanding it's "just a game", I was still ready to throw the sticks in, but I thought bump it. Let me continue to play no matter the score & I'll figure SOMETHING out.

via EA Sports

& that's when the wiggle stick was born. I noticed that he was timing my juke moves up waaaay too perfectly. So the next time I got the chance, instead of juking with the right analog stick, I used the left one to quickly make a pivot, just quick enough to dodge the defender & throw off the timing.

via EA Sports

How to use it: Slightly toggle the left analog stick when being approached by defender.

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