Daylone Talks TrapLingo, Favorite Food Spot in Dayton, How his Daughter Impacts his Grind, & More

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When you come from a city like Dayton, Ohio, you understand that respect is earned and certainly not given. This is a reality that rap artist, Daylone, is very aware of as he's hustling to earn the respect of those who don't know him yet. Recently I got a chance to talk to Daylone over the phone about TrapLingo, his influences growing up, & reveals the new addition to his family.

Let's find out, "Who's That Guy? "

pictured left to right, Daylone, Myself, Vader, Billclaxton

FreeHype: What's good bro? Introduce yourself to the people man.

Daylone: What's Up Wit You Bro Checking In Live Right Now it's The 825 Represent Daylone!

FH: Im living man! How you feel now that your first project, Trap Lingo, is finally out?

D: I'm feeling good and real excited about how hard we can push this mixtape and where it could take my career. We been waiting to here everybody feedback of this one!

FH: I feel that man. How long have you been working on this?

D: I've Been Working On The Trap Lingo Tape For A Good 4months.

On Collabing With D. Seanny on Congratulations

FH: How did the collaboration with D. Seanny come about? That's one of my favorite tracks.

D: I had one verse and a chorus, then Seanny came by for a session a couple days before we were finishing up. He heard the beat and just started humming "Congratulations" but I didn't know what he was saying. He went in the booth & just started flowing. I was like "We going with this chorus forget what I had" (laughs). And then later on I added another verse to the end.

On His Favorite Dayton Food Spot

FH: Solid man. I can definitely hear the hard work y'all been putting it in the music. What's your favorite Dayton food spot that you hit to give you the fuel to keep going?

Bourbon Street Grill & Cafe located in downtown Dayton

Now that's good bourbon

D: I appreciate that bro! And I would say my favorite food spot in the city would be bourbon street that's always on point.

FH: I haven't been there in a grip. I have some good memories in my taste buds from the last night time I was there.

D: When you come to the city be sure to stop pass there before you get your day started!

FH: Bet that! We all need some good eats for the soul.

On Influences

FH: Who's some of your favorite artists in the city right now? Who's giving you those great vibes?

D: I Really Don't Have A Favorite Artist In The City Particularly I Only Listen To People In My Camp Such As Byrdgame, Don Yella, PZ, Jmakk Staxx, Waymo, And Blaze. But The Most Artist That's Gives Me Positive Vibes And Who I Talk To The On The Regular Would Be

Tre Killa, King, Chop Chop

FH: I got you. I like what they're doing in the city. What sparked your interest to want to get into rapping?

D: My brothers sparked my interest in getting into the music. Just always going to the studio with them when I was younger, watching them record, write, just being in that atmosphere. I always been around the music though, since a youngin when my dad did security for The Lil Tykes.

On Being A Father

FH: How ya daughter doing?

D: She's good, BAAAD (laughs). She just turned 2.

FH: (Laughs) that's funny G. Good to know she's doing well. How is she inspiring the grind?

D: "She keep me going 100%. I don't want her to grow up going through the same situations i went through. As far as money, or life lessons period I don't want her going through it. So me pursuing my dreams and going hard in this music is going to better her life. So when she's a teenager, you won't even see the things that I seen. So I can take her to where he dad grew up and show her this is where you're from, this isn't where you're living at right now."

FH: That's dope man. I've been seeing how now being a father is a cool thing to do in hip-hop, Hov, Wale just had a girl, Wiz got his...

D: I got another one on the way.

FH: You got another on the way!?

D: Yeah bro

FH: Congratulations man! How you feeling?!

D: Now the grind gotta go from 100 to 1000.

Final Word

FH: Thats great to hear man. I know that's gonna push you in the right direction. Finally, what message do you want to send with TrapLingo?

D: I just want want people understand that this is my reality, even if I'm not doing a lot of the things they hear, it's my environment, it's what I'm surround by. And I just want to show people that I'm a real artist. I'm serious about this.

Fun Fact:

Daylone (2012) left, Sean (2010) to the right {we both rocked the #7 at Trotwood-Madison High School}

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