5 Music Videos That Show Hip-Hop's Thoughts Towards Racism

Updated: Jan 13

The statement "Music is All We Got" means more and more the older I get. I was a first hand witness to how Harry Belafonte, former musician & social activist, brought thousands of people, a multitude of artists, and social activists together to speak out against racial & social injustices (I'll be recapping this event soon!). In today's world where the same unjust killings by police that were once hidden, can now be viewed by millions within seconds. With the re-emergence of meaningful videos, Hip-Hop artists started back using their platforms to show a more meaningful and uplifting.

My goal, along with many others, is to highlight these topics so that it can spark a dialogue about the problem with a serious open mind. For everyone to get a chance to see it from a unbiased, honest, thoughtful view. And become apart of the solution.

Share this with someone who wants to know where the message in Hip-Hop/Rap culture, or someone who might not understand the #BlackLivesMatter Movement or social injustices in general.

Also comment with your favorite video below!

T.I - Warzone

Kendrick Lamar - Alright

T.I. - Black Man ft. Quavo, Meek Mill, & RaRa

Vic Mensa - 16 Shots

T.I - We Will Not

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