FreeHype's #937 Page is Dayton's Hub for Hip Hop

If you've been waiting for Dayton to emerge on the music scene again,look no further. Diverse sounds and artists who care about their craft still exist in Dayton, we just have to look for it. Among doing my research, I began to see how many different sounds and vibes we have, but no platform to showcase it. Thus, the #937 page was created. A place for the Daytonians (and fans of good music in general), to stay in tune with the hottest music from their hometown.

I recently caught wind of the #DaytonUnited movement being pushed by local artists D. Seanny, & Jigi Deniro. The movement is rooted in bringing Dayton artists together and uplifting the city. I support the movement 100%, and our #937 page falls right in line with those same principles. Let's keep this movement going!

Head over to the #937 page to catch up on what you've been missing.

Screenshot of our first batch of Dayton gems from earlier this year. Via FreeHype

If you know of any artists who's buzzing in city, drop their name and a link to your favorite video from them in the comments below.

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