Watch FreeHype's "Gems" Ep. 1 ft. Supreme Understanding

Supreme Understanding & I at the A3C Festival

Recently, FreeHype was able to catch up with author, entrepreneur, and social activist Supreme Understanding. I first met Supreme at the Many Rivers Festival and within seconds I knew he was someone I could learn a lot from. Turns out, my instincts were right.

Supreme Understanding watching artist @bmike2c at the Many Rivers Festival (photo via @FreeHype)

A week later, at the A3C Festival, FreeHype got to catch some insight from the man himself, sparking the first installment of our "Gems" feature. Supreme Understanding has written multiple books, including reads such as "How to Hustle & Win" & "Knowledge of Self". You can purchase his books at & stay updated with him at @SupremeUnderstanding.

Watch the first episode below and stay tuned for upcoming installments in the future.

Filmed & edited by @BillClaxton

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