Culture Spotlight: Jay Morrison

Updated: Jan 13

Jay Morrison is a multi-millionaire real estate investor in the New York and New Jersey area. I first heard about Jay from my boy Mike Cubit back in 2014. He had been following his real estate classes for a while and one day got me hip to who jay was and what he was all about. Jay is a social activist and true inspiration to the culture. He is all about black empowerment through property ownership.

As the founder of Jay Morrison Academy and YMC (Young Minds Can), he preaches how African Americans can change their lifestyle through appearance, attitude and ownership, three things that got him to where he is today. He also does real estate seminars in cities across the country teaching people how to build wealth through property ownership. Jay has even done street corner classes in which he brings his real estate seminars to different neighborhoods in Philly, B-More and Atlanta.

Whether it’s motivating the culture through property ownership, talking to kids at inner city schools on how they can better themselves or helping other figure heads become culturally aware. Jay Morrison is always dishing out bars on how everyone in our community can better themselves. He’s a true pillar for the culture; check out some of his content below.

- Malcolm Mallory

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