LeBron James, Future, Kevin Durant & Friends Talk Top 3 Kicks & 5 Greatest Rappers (The Shop

You put LeBron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Future together in a barbershop you end up with? Major cloth talk. Curated by Hot 97's Ebro, Steve Stoute, and other execs, "The Shop" is set to showcase our culture in a way we've never seen before. It means a lot for us to hear Bron & other NBA stars freely talk uncut among their friends who happen to be stars in Hip-Hop.

LeBron & KD give their top 3 Sneakers

media via youtube

Ebro has been teasing these videos on his Instagram, stating that it will be a BeatsbyDre show (it'll probably be an Apple Music exclusive). "The Shop" will probably be dropping soon considering Ebro teased the first picture of the group 44 weeks ago and is just now teasing the videos.

Check out the snippets and stay tuned for updates on the official release date.

Do Championships Matter for Greatest Player Talk?

Future says "Reasonable Doubt" wasn't a classic until Tupac & Biggie Died

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