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Updated: Jan 13

Just got paid? Friday night? Party hunting, feeling right? Aye!! You know the rest of the song!

After working 40+ hours from Monday to Friday and maybe even Saturday for you overachievers out there, the LEAST you could do is earn all the money you can. By that I mean, are you taking the extra FREE MONEY your job puts on the table every month for your 401(k) retirement saving account?

Never play yourself!

A 401(k) plan is a retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer aka your job. It lets you save and invest a piece of your paycheck before taxes are taken out. The plus is that your employer matches your contribution up to a certain percentage. In plain words they give you free money for simply paying yourself first.

For example: If I make $2000 every two weeks and put 5% of that in my 401(k) that comes to $100. Let’s say your job matches your 5% contribution, now instead of only adding $100 in your 401(k) every two weeks you're adding $200. Do it for 12 months and you’re at $2,400! Free money!

Let’s say you continue this amazing streak for 40 years (disregarding any future raises), at a 6% annual rate of return that $2,400 yearly investment turns into a wild $396,000...Never play yourself.

If that last statement has you a bit lost don’t worry I was too early on. Learning the money game takes time. Master money don’t let money master you. Plus $396,000 doesn’t sound too bad for only $100/month.

So as you venture into what should be a legendary weekend jot these couple of tips down somewhere you’ll remember in the morning…

  1. Find the most senior person on your team and ask them “What should I do with my 401(k) retirement account?”

  2. Enroll in your company sponsored 401(k) program

  3. Contribute a percentage that AT LEAST matches the percentage your employer contributes

  4. Stay consistent and forget the money is there

  5. Visit for further information

  6. Pass these tips to a friend you think is not aware of this legit free money scheme.

  7. Never play yourself, you’ll regret it later

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Stay tuned for the next Just Got Paid segment next week.

Enjoy payday, you earned it!!

- Jauqius Frazier Buckman

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