Investing Made Simple, For Now

Updated: Jan 13

Bare with me this may be a bit long. But from knowledge comes power. With power comes wealth. With wealth comes even more knowledge. It will benefit YOU the most.

The worst part about investing for those who know nothing about it is that when anybody begins to talk about it, it is like listening to the teacher from Charlie Brown. (Womp, womp, womp, womp!) Even worse, for those that stayed away from math or chose different majors just to avoid math altogether forever, I assure you this will be easier to digest.

Everything explained further are about apps that you can download straight from the App Store!

First is an app called Learn by Rubicoin.

This app is a very simple, easy to browse, kind of like a iBook. It educates readers with a high level understanding of the the stock market and the world of investing. It would be a very wise step to comb through this app before you dabble into any form of investing. After finishing, you can download the more in-depth Rubicoin app conveniently named Invest. Haha they basic.

When ready download Acorns.

Acorns is a passive investing app. When you first open an account you link your bank accounts and/debit cards. Acorns places your spare change in a diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds, i.e. ETF’s (look up the definition if necessary, work is necessary to gain knowledge). They track the spending from your linked accounts, rounding up your purchases, and automatically investing the difference.

For example, if you buy some Simply Orange Juice from the gas station for $2.60, Acorns will round the purchase up to $3 and automatically invest the $0.40 into your chosen diversified ETF portfolio. I personal saved over a little over $460 on the app last year and $33 of it came from the return on investment (ROI) of which Acorns did.

The grown up version of Acorns is Betterment (I have just moved myself to this level like yesterday, it takes time).

Upon opening an account they take into account how much you make and your age and develop three personal strategies that you can choose to build toward such as: building a nest egg (3-6 months of living expenses), retirement planning, or plain ol' investing to make money.

Each tool is useful in its own way, it is up to you to decide if you want to sure up your financial future.

When you are really ready to test your skills download Robinhood.

Robinhood is an investing app, meaning you can buy and sell stock straight from your phone. This is for people who are ready to become ACTIVE investors. This is a personal favorite of mine and it grew to be a favorite of my friends for two reasons. One you can start an investment account with as little as $5 and you can make trade commission free. Now commission free may not mean anything to you now but other online brokers can charge anywhere from $7-$12 per trade. So instead of making $100 profit you make $80 ($10 goes to buying the stock and $10 goes to selling the stock.)

It has many different features such as margin (like trading on a money loan, don’t do it, never play yourself), trading pre and post market, and instant deposit. Download the app to gain more understanding, it can be more fun than you think.

If nothing else download Acorns and the Learn app by Rubicoin and share this article with friends, family, and a stranger. Let your money begin to work harder than you. Nobody wants to work forever.

Enjoy another God given payday! Now you know what to do with that paycheck besides hitting the club because it's Friday!! Aye!!

- Jauqius Frazier Buckman


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