Searching for the Starting Line

Updated: Jan 13

If you like Twitter, you will like this week’s edition of Just Got Paid. Yes, Beyonce is having twins. Clap it up. Big shoutout to Jay. Now the first thing most did was search high and low for memes, follow up pictures (which she blessed everybody with the following day), and any Shade Room posts.

Now if we can generate that same amount of energy into searching for great unknown stocks, We will ALL be on Bey and Jay’s level.

Let me show you where to start!

The holy grail, Investopedia!

This is where I started my journey in learning everything finance. They have a very simple and easy to use interface. They have a finance dictionary. It is a legit dictionary. You can read it and feel like the next Warren Buffett. They have a trading simulation game. They have a complete library of PowerPoint type presentations. Although it is nowhere near as boring as powerpoint. You can click on words and phrases that you want to know more about and before you know it you are 10 tabs in and loving it.

The topics on the site cover everything from investing, retirement, tech, personal finance, economics, small business reports. Literally anything about money you can think of they will have the answer too.

Welcome to StockTwits!

This is the twitter for stocks! And yes, you can download it straight from the app store. The best part about it is that you do not have to know any company to use it. You simply make an account and you are in.

The home screen is a news feed just like Twitter. You can follow others who offer their ideas. You can check the Trending Stocks. These are the stocks that everybody is currently talking about. These are the stocks whose pricing are either moving way up or way down very fast.

The desktop version of the site holds the best feature and that is the heat map. This is an interactive map that you may click to explore a batch of stocks inside one of the sectors. For instance if you were to click inside of the Healthcare box, a slew of healthcare companies will pop up and you can hover over each one to see how many people are talking about. Just for future reference: Green means Good, Red means Bad.

I found this one guy randomly whose username was Roonster, honestly. He began a two week challenge that he started with $1000. He would post a “twit”, i.e. tweet, five minutes before the market would close every day and at the end of the two weeks he turned his $1000 into $5000!!! I tell you no lies, download the app and ask him. From then on I’ve been a believer. I must say I made a bit of change following him during this time also. Don’t knock the hustle.

Lastly, TradingView!

This is a website that provides one of the most useful things for a trader and that is charting. Charting allows investors to identify past and future trends by a hundreds of methods, indicators, trend lines, and any other weird system a trader develops to make money that makes sense to them.

Trading View has levels to it. You have the free version, which I have been finessing because I do not see a reason to pay for some charts. But if you feel like you are really bout it bout it, you can go for the paid versions that allow for more customization.

This tool should be used simultaneously with Investopedia and Stocktwits. Sort of like a litmus test. Meaning you should bounce between charts and reading so that you learn each part of the screen piece by piece until you build your own Basquiat.

As always, enjoy another God given pay day, you deserve it!!

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- Jauqius Frazier Buckman


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