Visualizing Your Goal

Updated: Jan 13

It is easy to make an amount of money you can think of. The only factor standing in your way is TIME. But time is man made, meaning you can finesse time to do whatever you'd like. You just have to believe.

See, money does this thing we like to call compounding. In a gist this means that money flips or grows with little to no involvement. A sitting dollar becomes $2 dollars. Let that sit and it turns into to $4 and so on and so forth. Point is that it takes TIME for money to do this.

Money does not have to be the goal. That just may be what brought you here today and that's cool. Wealth comes in all forms but most important is self worth.

Mental practice makes perfect.

Re-read that line to yourself everyday until it becomes the action becomes habit.

Make it a promise to yourself to mentally visualize yourself living, doing whatever it is puts a smile on your face and continues to wake you up day after day.

"You are a machine operator, your physical brain and body functions as a machine that you operate." Call it a "creative mechanism." Stay with me here. In Matthew Maltz' Physco Cybernetics, he explains this creative mechanism as impersonal. "It will work automatically and impersonally to achieve goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness, and failure, depending on the goals that you yourself set for it."

Dr. Maltz makes it clear that all of us have goals, whether we intentionally articulate them or not. The brain and nervous system are continually leading us in the direction of images we think about consciously, or images that are so much a part of us that we're led toward them on autopilot." (Matt Furey 13)

Have you ever had the conscious thought, "how am I walking?" or "how did my body know where to pick up the pen from the table?". Mentally picturing the desired end result literally forces you to use positive thinking." These are things your brain tells your body to do in response to a desire that you gave your mind.

You may not have specifically said, "brain tell body to pick up said pen." Rather you needed and/or were looking for a pen and that intense desire created a GOAL for your mind to achieve. When you were a baby first learning to grab, you grope and grope but when you have your first successful grab your mind stores that success for future use. That is why people tell athletes to warm up or to get involved because a quick success offers a win to generate momentum.

You brain is goal oriented. People are not lying when they say that they are living their dreams. The way to give your mind a goal is through your IMAGINATION! IMAGINATION is the key to your own success. By no means am I saying that there is no work involved in achieving your wildest dreams. But what I am saying is that your body will work for you rather than in remaining in the futile mental conflict that results when you want and try to do one thing, but picture yourself something else.

Successful (success in whatever definition you want to apply) people do not say focus is the main reason for becoming who they are for no reason. Now your task is to pick a goal and achieve it!


It's Friday. The bank account is healthy even if just for today. Feast and give thanks.

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Maltz, Maxwell, Furey, Matt. "The Self Image: Your Key to a Better Life." Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded. New York: Perigee, an Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2015. N. pag. Print.

- Jauqius Frazier Buckman

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