#MerryMondays: What Are God's Limitations?

Updated: Jan 13

Although we all are different beings, we all come from one God, Universe, a higher power, who has a fundamental message that we all seem to forget sometimes....LOVE. In the midst of the rules of religion, the evils that tempt many of us every day, and the media that we unknowingly allow to dictate our livelihood at times, we forget to LOVE. We allow someone else's race, beliefs, thoughts, sexual preference, or age stop us from loving wholeheartedly. Have you ever heard the phase what would Jesus do?

(inserts Black Jesus)

If you replace the name Jesus with Buddha, Muhammad, deities from other religions, you'd still get the same answer. We're a society that's so hard pressed on getting the facts and specifics of every single detail straight that we often end up not progressing and clearly missing the big picture. They were all prophets of their regions of earth. Not to divide but to communicate. There was no TV, social media, or even newspapers at that time so everyone was searching for their truths, and the ones who understood it best, (Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc) were the ones who everyone gravitated to, followed. The same happens in life today, those who have that message of love engraved in their hearts, striving to helps others as their purpose in life.

In America, we've become so afraid of other's thoughts and beliefs that we'd go as far to kill or keep them away from "our" land, which was originally the Indians land, which was originally and still is God's land. We've become obsessed with our egos and being possessive that we forget that none of this belongs to us. We must begin to see love in everyone and every situation. If someone is acting out of hurt, anger, depression, be wise enough to see it as a moment to insert love in their life, and watch what it begins to do for yours. There's no limit to who and where God can reach. Let Him in.

Happy Memorial Day

From the Southside With Love,

- Kris Kringle

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