Ohh It's Tax (Holiday) Season!

Updated: Jan 13


First things first, the Internal Revenue Service, aka the IRS, aka Triple OG, aka The Don, aka I'll take your whole check and leave you with no money if you keep playing with me.

In other words, please file your taxes so the IRS doesn't hunt you down.

Turbo Tax provides a very easy-to-use platform that allows you to just fill in the blanks and submit your taxes online. Yes, click the Turbo Tax link now if you haven't.

Now if you have investments that you need to account for then Turbo Tax makes you pay for this extra service called Turbo Tax Premier. Its also very easy to input your many trades, believe me, it only took me an extra five minutes. Because I am also cheap I found a discount that gives you $20 off the Premier version of Turbo Tax.


For those of you that have already filed your taxes or have already received your tax refund then this amazing gif is for you!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not blow your tax refund. For many of us this is the largest one time cash injection for the year and it would be a shame for it to not help us take the next step in our financial journey.

If you can afford to throw the entire thing into your savings account then by all means do that. If you have big purchases that you have always wanted to make such as a saving for a family vacation, buy new school clothes, a home, a condo, a car, a tv, a trampoline, an xbox, an Apple watch, an iPhone, anything that you would not be able to purchase ordinarily, then make that purchase without regret. You deserve it. You can pay down your mortgage or your current car note. If you really want to get ahead of the game you can make a lump sum deposit into your retirement account, investment account or use the money to start your own business. But it could all be Free Hype! Haha I thought that was pretty funny.

This is a time to give thanks. We all want to be well off and this is the chance for you to take advantage. Remember, this is the money that the government took from you, you worked for this, spend it on something that will last longer than the weekend.

For those of you that were whose odds were not in your favor and you owe federal or state taxes do not worry. Take the loss this year but next year be sure to to things that will give you some deductions such as putting money into your retirement account, donating to charities, purchase a car or home (anything that you have to pay interest on), go back to school, taking care of a parent or grandparent, and for those that are ready have a kid (those deductions are magnificent; why do you think people lie and claim kids on their tax returns mhmmm finesse). That last suggestion is no joke, being a parent is the most important job you will have. You are ensuring the progress of the world, I am just saying you may as well benefit from the blessing too!

Enjoy the day, enjoy the payday, enjoy the sun, enjoy the breeze.

As always share with family, a friend, and a stranger.

Then have a ball because it Fridayyyyy!!!!!!


- Jauqius Frazier-Buckman


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