Free Hype: Best Trade Packages for Kyrie Irving

Updated: Jan 13

This NBA off-season has shocked fans and players once again with the amount of player movement. Golden State's dominance in the Finals can be attributed to these free agent movements. Teams are scrambling and playing their whole hand with the hopes of challenging Golden State's throne next season. Paul George has teamed up with Russ in OKC; CP3 linked up with Harden in Houston and Jimmy (Butler) joined the T'Wolves. We also can’t forget Gordon Hayward leaving a decent Utah team to go contend with the Celtics!

The biggest surprise by far however has been Kyrie Irving’s trade demand from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie is tired of being Lebron's "SON" and wants to lead a team to the finals on his own. Apparently, he is not returning phone calls and given the Cavs his preferred list of teams. (Spurs, Wolves, Heat, and Knicks).

Important Fact: Kyrie does not have No-trade clause so HE CANNOT influence where he will end up. Those preferred teams are just a wish list per say.

Here are our best deals for Kyrie Irving

Kyrie to Charlotte

Cavs get: Kemba Walker & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Hornets get: Kyrie Irving & Iman Shumpert

This a decent swap for Cleveland; they get a great scorer in Kemba Walker and a defensive forward who they have so desperately needed.

Kyrie to Phoenix

Cavs get: Eric Bledsoe & Josh Jackson

Phoenix get: Kyrie Irving & Iman Shumpert

Lebron has already asked Phoenix about Josh Jackson’s availability. If Cleveland pulls this deal they get LeBron’s true little brother in Eric Bledsoe; a serviceable scorer and sturdy defender at the point guard position. They also get a coveted rookie prospect in Jackson whose athleticism and defensive potential will have an immediate impact in the Land.

Kyrie to Clippers via Knicks

Cavs get: Patrick Beverly, Carmelo Anthony & Sam Dekker

Clippers get: Kyrie Irving & Iman Shumpert

Knicks get: Austin Rivers, Montrez Harell, Alan Anderson, Clippers 2019 1st round pick

This deal would be the most complicated but ultimately would land Melo, Patrick Beverly and Sam Dekker in Cleveland! Beverly and Dekker would serve as good role players and Melo would be the new go to scorer on the Cavs.

Kyrie to South Beach

Cavs get: Goran Dragic & Justice Winslow

Heat get: Kyrie Irving

Miami is willing to trade Goran and Winslow for Kyrie. On paper, this may be the least favorable deal of the three. Dragic can score but he is a defensive liability as well as Kyrie. Justice Winslow is a solid defender but his perimeter game has yet to be proven on the NBA level.

Kyrie to Clippers in a three-team trade would be the best deal for the Cavs. Under this scenario they would get Carmelo the player they have coveted for the entire free agency. They would also receive two serviceable rotational players who will make an immediate impact. Beverly is tenacious on defense and a decent 3-point shooter. He and Rose will split time in the backcourt. Dekker is a decent young athletic forward who can shoot the three and has potential to be a good defensive player when focused.

- Malcolm Mallory

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