'A legend': D.C. street art icon Cool 'Disco' Dan passes away at 47

Updated: Jan 13

Danny Hogg, known as “Cool “Disco” Dan has passed away after complications with diabetes.

The D.C. graffiti artist was well-known for tagging various sites across the city in the late 80s and early 90s.

His graffiti became a symbol for the D.C. area during the 90s and was featured in a show at a local art museum.

While few actually knew who Cool “Disco” Dan was, he started drawing art as a young kid, and got his name from going to go-go shows, he spent most of his teenage years painting the name across buildings in D.C. To get a more in depth look at Cool “Disco” Dan's story on how he became an icon during the D.C. “murder capital” days. Go check out the documentary above The Legend of Cool ‘Disco’ Dan, it explores how Dan was very much a part of D.C.’s culture and history.

- Anthony Huff

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