Is The NFL Buggin?

Updated: Jan 13

Is it right to be penalized for unharmfully protesting for something you believe in? On Wednesday, May 23rd the NFL decided yes. But here’s why....

Colin Kaepernick did nothing to harm anyone else. Didn’t flick anyone off. Nada. Nathaniel. Nothing. He took a knee during the national anthem. He did something far more frightening. He was an individual. He started a movement based on something he believed in. That doesn’t tend to flow well with major corporations who are receiving money from companies who disagree with Kaep’s stance.

Therefore, in order to keep him along with anyone who wants to join in on his movement in line, they had to enforce some type of order. The NFL knows that they cut the checks, yet they are not the ones in power. They're forcing players to choose their careers or their voice. The NFL can't afford to allow Kaepernick to win this battle, because what happens when the next player decides to kneel for school shootings, gender equality, or one of the other many social issues that plague America today?

The unfortunate piece about this whole fiasco is the fact the NFL refuses to address the issue of injustice murders that Kaep is raising awareness about. I get it, you're a major company & you don’t want to mix morals & values too much or else you open Pandora’s box for anything. But when roughly 70% of your employees are’d think they’d realize that if they all stood alongside Kaep this whole thing would be over in a day. Or better yet, how about if one of the NFL owners who do understand Kaepernick's POV would give him a shot? *Sigh* Change is never that easy though.

Kudos to Jets & 49ers owners for standing by their players freedom of speech. I’m interested to see which owners, if any, will step up to the plate next. Is the NFL outta line or do they have a point? Sound off in the comments below.

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