Kingdom Heart 3 First Impressions

Updated: Jan 12

Phenix City, AL -------- It’s finally here. After 13 years the franchise that made a great blend of Final Fantasy and Disney characters which made Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts makes a return to the big screen with a main console release on Jan 29, 2019. Brace for impact as we embark on the continuation of a journey with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. For first impressions the game feels really smooth and it looks really pretty with all of its colors.

In addition to that there were small changes, for example, you don't have to switch out characters in your party when you visit new worlds such as Kingdom Corena (Tangled) and Toy Box (Toy Story). The cut-scenes to begin the game were a little long but not deal breaking. But overall with only a couple hours into the game it's pretty good.

Catch the rest of the review on the latest episode of Jacantics here.

- Charlie Bailey

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