Stop Asking Yourself Stupid Questions

Updated: Jan 12

We have all been lied to! There is definitely a such thing as a stupid question....

Growing up we have all been told there is no such thing as a stupid question. Possibly, because of our young nature and naivety we believed it so aimless and willingly; don’t get me wrong, the cliché saying “There is no such thing as a stupid question” more than served its purpose in the lives of many youth. In contrast, there is another saying that goes by “Only time will tell”, and throughout my quarter centuries’ worth of experiences time has definitely spoken, and it has told me to “STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS.” Multiple times…On many occasions… but it took many months and years and much more hardship than justly owed to put down the cliché that was instilled and programmed in to me since a youth that no longer served me beneficially as an adult.

Most of the time the stupid questions are the ones we ask ourselves. “Can I really do this?”, “What if I fail?”, “What if no one agrees?”, “Can I handle this?”, the answer is undoubtedly Yes You Can!!! You already knew that but, when you start asking yourself these questions you start to see how limiting they really are; with every syllable they build a box looking to potentially lock you inside for many months, years, and maybe even a lifetime. These questions unquestionably stunt growth by slipping slivers of doubt in between links of growing confidence resulting in prolonged start dates, unmet goals, and unfulfilling outcomes.

Once I stopped asking myself these stupid questions I was able to create a business called PowerHouse Resources where we develop people and communities in totality. We help others realize exactly what I am exclaiming now. Thus, breaking down the barrier, or that box, that has the potential to upend every single thought or idea you look to build upon. With this simple mindset change the possibilities of growth in underdeveloped areas are ridiculous, and I believe those changes would happen rapidly. I no longer ask myself these limiting questions when it comes to PowerHouse, and now I see us growing into a top Midwest agency and beyond. We are well on our way and you can be too!

So, excuse me if I feel mislead by all who has ever told me that I could never ask a stupid question. Forgive me, if I feel lied to because I asked questions that left me stuck in miserable situations for far too long by playing sick tricks on my mind and counteracting my faith and belief in not only my ability to plan and execute, but also in God who said what is for me is for me and no one can take it from me. So, I had to step out of my own way.

Time told me to stop asking stupid questions. I am going to listen because no one has been around longer.

- Derrick Stark Jr.

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