The Community of Dayton Comes Together to Rebuild

Updated: Jan 6

Dayton, OH ------- Being a native from Trotwood, this one really hits home.....

The night of Memorial Day, a F4 tornado ran through the city of Dayton. Never would I imagine that a natural disaster would rampage through a place I call home. First and foremost, thank God there was only one reported death and limited injuries (prayers and peace to the family and friends of both). But I'd be blind to say that the event wasn't devastating to us all. Homes, apartment complexes, businesses, all destroyed.

We need help, with finding housing for those who are now displaced, with hot meals, clothes, and all basic living materials that were lost in the midst of this storm. I was encouraged by Christina Mendez of Irene-Marie Consulting to create content and bring attention to what's going in Dayton. We have to control our narrative. Here in Atlanta, the word has briefly got out about the natural disaster that hit us Memorial Day but not nearly as much as I'd like. And since I'm a man of action, I couldn't leave you without nowhere to act.

Below are links to organizations who've created causes to distribute food, clothes, and provide help.

Wright Way Foundation

Dayton Young Black Professionals

Royce Johnson

If I'm missing anything please list them or that resource in the comment section below! The smallest effort is greatly appreciated!

My challenge to you the reader is ping your local city officials with what you need and how you can help others! A huge thanks to the Trotwood Football Staff (JG, Coach Kerry, etc) and players who helped out big time at my home and many others in the community. Proud to be a Ram!

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