3.4.20 My Favorite Content Right Now

Trotwood, OH ---- I'll forever be a student of the game. Whichever field I work in, I always want to learn the most I can about it and achieve. Moreover, (learned the use of this word in COM 101 Tiffin University), I wanted to share content that I'm diggin' and hope you dig it too....

President Obama in conversation with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Love, and Chris Paul

"We want to create a space for leaders to connect with other leaders" - President Obama

Hearing President Obama speak with a few of the NBA's top ballers is super dope. I learned that me and some of the players share a lot in common, that success doesn't negate the work of working on yourself, and to reach out to other leaders to create/implement solutions.

Presentation on City Flag Redesign Project

It's cool to hear the process of creating a new flag, the thought behind the design, colors, and meaning is crazy. The most exciting part was to learn about the open source format, meaning people can use the flag any way they want. Socks, t shirts, leggings, are just some of the examples the mayor listed as products Daytonian's can create. 312 submissions they're down to 3.

Kirk Franklin & Friends...

Featuring Erica Campbell, Bishop William Murphy, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Ricky Dillard, Kierra Sheard, Jonathan McReynolds, Smokie Norful, and VaShawn Mitchell.

A good, unscripted, jam session. VaShawn Mitchell was the MVP of this session.

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