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Updated: Nov 17

During this crazy 2020 year, the pandemic year it has changed the shape of many things with social distancing and wearing masks everywhere we go. Things have not been the same all year. During this time there has been a lot of creativity going on all over the world and with social media life has somewhat been slightly more entertaining. I love music and researching artist. I recently came across an up on and coming artist on Instagram, that will be is on the rise. He goes by the name Boogie Woods, he is from Dayton, Ohio. I listened to hit new hit single and it sold me from there I looked up some other music he had put out and I honestly from his latest single, I am impressed honestly.

I am all the way in North Carolina by the way and when I listened I hear a young rapper that has talent and also his music is very relatable with what I went through growing up and I am sure many others can relate to as well. As I looked on his page I seen he been at making music for a while now. He seems to be building a good following, and he has potential. His latest single is what really made me start paying attention to his work, and from the looks of it seems like he is putting together a project. Which I am excited to give it a listen. I'll give this artist 8.5/10 review on my list and I would definitely say keep your eyes open for this up and coming artist, putting on for his hometown. Boogie Woods.

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