Broccolicon + Broccoli City Recap 🥦

Updated: Apr 26

D.C, Maryland, Virginia (DMV)------- Last year around this time, I was in Washington D.C feeling like Benjamin Banneker designing D.C as I surveyed the east coast. I took the train from Baltimore to DC, then took an Uber to the National Union Building.

Broccolicon Workshops 🥦📈📊

Broccolicon, is one of the largest conferences for millennial people of color, bringing together the world’s most influential leaders in technology, finance, community development, marketing, and content creation to focus intently on leveraging resources and exchanging ideas to address the greatest challenges facing urban communities today 💡. The conference was very informative! I learned a great deal about professionalism, creating new ideas, and gained much confidence in being in so many rooms of like minds. I learned the value of relationships and just being there is often more valuable than words can describe.

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You can spot me at minute marks 1:47 & 2:20 in the recap video below 😎📹


BC Fest 🥦🥁🎶

Festival, crazy. It was something I felt I've experienced before as a child in Cincinatti, but nothing of this magnitude yet. And that's where I believe the opportunity lives. Creating more festivals and conferences like these... Building communities and ecosystems different schools of thought, values, and disciplines. The combination of the festival and conference is what makes the music sweeter for me. Hearing the ingredients that go into making each song, video, and performance makes watching the whole thing poetry in motion 🛹.


All of the festivals I've been to have tied art into the landscape in some form or fashion and it hasn't let me down yet. I can always count on copping some merchandise that is unique to that city and connecting with artists whose work are local legends ready to expand their brand. Something about those roses in the concrete that make it all worth it 🌹!

As for the musical artists, I added pictures and videos of their performance. Cool? Cool:

Lil Wayne

Got Money ft. T-Pain
Duffle Bag Boy
Carter V

Ella Mai

"Whatchamacallit"(featuringChris Brown)

Childish Gambino


Outstanding (Gap Band Flip)

Outstanding flip continued....
Summertime Magic


Ex Callin
Love Letter


Drip or Drown

Teyana Taylor (Rated)

3 Way

Overall a super dope experience. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and at the direction of the CDC and Washington, D.C city officials and local health authorities, Broccoli City will be postponing broccoli city weekend 2020. The new weekend dates will be Friday, October 2nd- Sunday, October 4th. I'm looking forward to seeing how this year's festival in October will grow and evolve.

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