Cliff Notes: Kobe Bryant x Jay Shetty 🐍🧠💭

Jay Shetty & Kobe Bryant: ON How to be Strategic & Obsessive to Find Your Purpose

Live on location, from FreeHype's Quarantined Headquarters 😷. ----- Most of us were fans of the Mamba mentality, that is, being zoned in or hyper-focused at your craft. In this interview, Kobe Bryant dives deep into transitioning into a new career, being a #girldad, and much more. Check out the cliff notes below and skip to a part that might intrigue you 🤔.

"We're drowning in information, starving for wisdom"

1:30 mins- The shift of being a parent, how that led him to writing "The Punies".

6 mins- Sports being applied knowledge.

25 mins- Kobe on coaching his daugters and allowing them to figure things out (or not) themselves while on the court, during the game. It's about asking them questions, not giving them answers.

33 mins- Process of creativity, writing a book, asking deeper questions about the characters he's creating.

36 mins- you have to obsessive over it for a while, you have to plant the seed well before it begins to grow. (watch shows that are out there)

37 mins- shooting the idea down, unpacking,

41mins- the importance of kids reading books that interest them.


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