Cliff Notes 📝: Monthly HypeEpisode 2

Live from The Gathering Spot in Atlanta, GA-------I started this podcast as a way to share thoughts and views that I feel are important to today's society with the end goal of challenging the common though. My guy Tevin B. is a great co-host who can hold his own on the microphone. Looking forward to working with him again soon. Will H. was in the building, as well as J. Clark. In this episode we tackle relationships, social constructs, and much more.

Check out the cliff notes below and listen to the full podcast here 📌.

This podcast was originally recorded in May 2018.

Some of the views and opinions of the host may have changed 💡.

43 secs - Relationships

6:35 - Prison Reform

7:27 - Cameo from Trey Hope, CEO of Tr3Designs. Trey makes super cool 3D prints, and helped me create my first app, Camp Central.

16:00- Justin Clark, then campaign manager for Audri Scott Williams, joins the show. Justin is now at Fisk University where he works as an Admissions Counselor, Recruiter, and fundraiser among other things.

19 mins - MJ vs. LeBron Debate. #NeverGetsOld

27 mins - Being politically correct 🇺🇸

28 mins - Kanye West sparking conversation. Is it good or bad?

31 mins - What’s good or bad? ❓

32:47 mins- NFL kneeling & company values. #CodeSwitching

40 mins - Drake vs. Pusha T. Was it set up? Just how strategic is Drake?

53 mins- Unpopular opinion. Tev: Trusting the process + Sean: Truly Being Yourself. 💡

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