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Lemon Haze

NC is back at it again! In the past couple of years the music scene in NC has been getting bigger and better. Hot fire lately with Raleigh being the capital and with the entertainment scene on the rise. “Lemon Haze” a new single on the way by NC artist Tesh and Shego. Been following Tesh for some time now, seeing her grow as an artist and elevating, is great to see. Shego I recently just started following and she is pretty talented as well. As Tesh and Shego collaborate on this soon to be hit! Summer is almost over but they are just heating up and are coming with a straight summer, new sound, and chill vibe. This video and song will be trending for time to come. Highly Excited for this upcoming drop.

The video as a whole is really dope, different and creative, they say when you stay down you come up and capitalize. When you bring up and manage talent it is important to have your own sound and goal. OG No Good directed this masterpiece that is on the way, with the help of his production team looks like it will be a lot more of these creative videos and different sounds coming up soon.

All I have to say is if you are a music lover, you will definitely love this new record “Lemon Haze” by Tesh and Shego. Me, Myself is very excited to see this video be released and ready to see what more that these artists have planned next. They seem to have a great team behind them so be on the lookout for more to come.

Director OG no Goood, Shot/edit: Woozy/ Backenmedia

Song Produced by beats by Marc, Engineer by “ that shit sound like Rob”

Artist : Tesh and Shego

Written By: Anthony Speights


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