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Updated: Jun 14

The current local music scene is in a gray area if you ask me. Before you cuss me out, let me explain. Although we have artists like YelloPain, Flam Feeva, Sleeko Gotbarz, and Lil Eric Da Demon who are currently active and making noise for the culture, our city has yet to make our stamp in the music realm to the degree that I feel it should. Besides the lack of support from the community, I also feel that we don’t have enough outlets to expose the artist and give them the opportunity to be seen. Hopefully, The LAS can be a help to our local community.

The LAS will be reviewing the latest releases of local artist as well as highlighting a specific artist and sharing some of the songs that I enjoy from that artist. I plan on giving an unbiased opinion and tho some rec is expected, most won’t be acknowledged. I left out a plethora of artist who doing big things in the city, but over the course of time, I will definitely shin the spotlight on them. Hope you’re as excited as I am!!!

Artist and peers: Feel free to email me links to your music at producedbydevolia@gmail.com

Peace and Blessing!!!


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