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Playing in Philadelphia, PA (Kobe's hometown), LA Laker's LeBron passed Kobe on the NBA's All Time Scoring List, one night prior to the Bryant's transitioning on Sunday. KB once challenged 4 athletes & 1 Kendrick Lamar with 5 unique goals to. And for some odd reason, I interpreted this tragedy as such, another challenge. Truth is, I’m not sure what God wanted us to take from this one, to keep going I suppose.

I remember waking up salty to an ESPN alert stating "Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has torn his achilles, a season ending injury" in 2014. I recall watching him drop !60! in his last game, stunned along with everyone else watching. In Kobe's last year of basketball, I remember graduating college & transitioning to a new journey myself.

Kobe had an obsession with storytelling in post NBA career, from interviews, to film, to books. 3 years ago he spoke with The Ringer on his concept of death. Here’s an excerpt...

What’s your relationship with death?

A comfortable one.


It’s a comfortable one. It’s an understanding. You can’t have life without death. Can’t have light without the dark. So it’s an acceptance of that. When it came time to decide whether or not I should retire, [it was] really an acceptance of that mortality that all athletes face. And if you combat it, you’ll always have that inner struggle within yourself. … So … I’m comfortable with it.

"See it's a couple nigg*s every generation That wasn't supposed to make it out, but decode the Matrix And when they get to speak, it's like a coded language Reminds niggas it ain't strength in all this stolen greatness"

- Neighborhood Nip on “Loaded Bases“

To one of the world’s greatest athletes, storytellers, & fathers, you will truly be missed.

Prayers to the Bryant family, friends, and all who were effected by this sudden tragedy.


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