Real Estate Talk: Atlanta Hawks, Trap Music Museum, & Home Building

Living in Atlanta was like living in Wakanda (you'll hear me say this a lot). The superpower/special sauce was confidence in research. Black people there know what they can do as a community and fully believe it. Not to get beside the point. This panel is about real estate and how to balance out the equity that's distributed on some of Atlanta's biggest deals. As a non-real estate expert, I found it incredibly informative to learn that most of these deals don't require me to be an expert.

Below is my breakdown of the video and a few fun facts on the two caucasian gentlemen you may not know:

Tony Ressler - Antony P. Ressler(born October 12, 1960) is an American billionaire private equity tycoon and venture capitalist, based in Beverly Hills. He co-founded the private equity firms; Apollo Global Management in 1990, and Ares Management in 1997. Ressler is the majority and controlling owner of the Atlanta Hawks. His group purchased the team in June 2015 for an estimated $730 million- $850 million

Dallas Tanner - Tanner owns over 70,000 units of Invitation Homes stock worth over $8,617,357 and over the last 3 years he sold INVH stock worth over $2,091,600. Currently, Invitation Homes has a market cap of 15 billion dollars.

Many of the major deals spoken here came through relationships.

24 mins: Tiny trap music museum. A smaller version that has been stationed across America in Virginia Beach, California, and many other places. - T.I

25 mins: Putting the skin or money in the game allows you to raise third party capital from lenders. - Tony Kessler

26 mins: They own 12.5K homes in Atlanta. The dads who could be at practice were always in real estate. - Dallas Tanner

28 mins: There's luck in everyone's story. The key is being in position.

- John Hope Bryant - No one wants your risks (social problems).

29 mins: - TK - Leveraging other peoples money to get to those homes.

30 mins: - JHB - Rehab Loan. Family investing.

34 mins: - TIP's story of real estate investing with his uncle. - T.I

36 mins: - 200 mixed unit development being built.

You are guaranteeing the loan in residential homes, not in the commercial. rich people pay a lot less for their money than poor people. - TK

39 mins: Making money when you're sleeping. Passive income. Equity. - JHB

40 mins: "Tom Bradley (GA GOV), told me, you can bring the Olympics but nobody in your family can make any money (Because I was the mayor)." You can't make any money or be personally involved. Young also speaks to Kasim Reed was an attorney for the film industry, brought in the new dome. - Andrew Young

43 mins: All of the countries were working together and had the same currency in 1944. In 1974, after the world war, the Britan dollar was broken when we were impeaching Nixon. - AY

Ryan Wilson, CEO of the Gathering Spot | Sean Freeman, CEO of FreeHype

Which point from the discussion sticks out the most to you??

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