The Legacy Continues

Updated: Jul 19

So since my last blog, a lot of events have conspired for the good!! Thanks to Sean Freeman, I was able to connect with OG No Good, who is an A&R and Producer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The convo with OG was very inspiring. I was provided an opportunity to take my platform to a whole nother level!!! I will now not only cover local artist from Dayton, but I will cover artist from Raleigh as well, and who knows where else!!!

When OG presented the opportunity, he told me about an artist named Cloudy Nueve. After a brief introduction on him, I decided to dive in and do my homework.

I began with the first project that Cloudy released on YouTube “Mr. Bool”. I can’t lie, when the first song came on, I wasn’t really able to vibe. The project starts with “Hey”, which samples “Mr. Big Stuff” by my cousin, Jean Knight. It was kinda hard for me to catch the flow, which is why I probably couldn’t vibe with it. Normally, I would’ve been done with the whole situation, but something told me to go to the next song, “She Know It”. My perspective totally switched after hearing it!! The journey only got better!! Definitely no reason to skip a single song.

So after finishing the album, I’m tuned in!!!! Time to see some actual visuals. The first video I saw was “Hostage”, which features Jaheal, who is 1/3 of the group of TLGMG out of Wake Forest, NC. After watching I’m hooked!!!! I start going back and finding joints like these:

When you listen to Cloudy Nueve, there’s automatically a vibe. Normally, too much auto tune is annoying, but Cloudy found a way to manipulate and make it his own.

Unfortunately, on December 25, 2019, the world lost an incredible artist. I was saddened when I began to realize that there would come an end to “new” music from Cloudy. It was hard coming to grips of that fact, but it began to light a fire within. Although Cloudy is no longer present with us physically, his presence will forever be felt through his music and the legacy that he left. May his legacy continue.


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